Quick Shoe Survey


There are so many shoes now. One of the biggest things I find is that trying them on takes so much time. That’s why I’ve designed this shoe survey in hopes to see which shoes fit which people.


Hopefully with this data I’ll run some very basic statistical information which will help people try on shoes in an efficient manner.


If you want to participate, just click the link above and go to the survey. Once there just answer the queries and I’ll post my results here. I can also post raw data to whoever is interested if there is more information to be had.

Keep crushing




      1. Awesome, thanks! I’m super curious to see how you present the data 🙂

        Aside: It’s also my dream to get a comparison of sizes, like asking climbers what size they are for each model of shoe, so one could at least get some other opinions of what size might fit best instead of it being a total crapshoot.


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