How I went from 6a to 7a in 6 months

A nice post by “To climb 8a” about a six month transition from 6a to 7a, That’s 5.10a to 5.11c/d for those non-euros.


This post is about my first personal experience with somewhat structured and systematic training for climbing. When I started training in September, I could barely climb 6a. 6 months later, I climbed my first 7a in Spain, Siurana. I’ll describe what I did to get there in the past 6 months and I’ll reflect on the good and the bad parts of my program. I kept detailed records during the last training cycle, so I can provide you with a lot of numbers on my training. I am by no means a solid 7a climber of course. It is only one 7a that I managed to tick and I have yet to climb a 6c. My following training cycle will thus be focused on consolidating my base. However, I learned valuable lessons during my last cycle. Focus and perseverance can bring you very far and if you pair it…

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