Internet climbers


So recently I was browsing reddit and saw the above picture. Now call me old fashioned but what the hell. Why does this even deserve 1900 upvotes?

For those who don’t know and have been living in a box, an upvote is a measure of popularity. Say Bob likes something, he’ll upvote it to make it known that he likes it, anonymously. Now, usually this stuff gets 400+ upvotes, but this one got 1900 upvotes for basically hanging a bunch of shit on a wall, adding an obnoxious filter and giving the title “Why can gear storage not be beautiful?”


Because i’m not an idiot who shows off his climbing gear. sure i’ll drop some references to what i’ve climbed from time to time, but this show of extravagant ego and self love coupled with a few quirky posters and wood framing is hilarious.

You want serious?


There, no bullshit. Everthing has it’s place. It’s ordered and beautiful still but not overly hilarious. Look! the alpine draws are right over the the regular draws, and store hanging vertically. Plus you can tell that this guy has cams because he uses them. Not because he’s a turd.

Sorry reddit, you’re idiots again.

Internet = serious business,



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